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By studying the needs of global markets, we have developed luxury finishes in order to offer new sensory experiences, looking for harmonious finishes with our systems and now at the Salone del Mobile 2024 "URBAN DECOR EVOLUTION” takes centre stage.

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-GeoLuxe, the innovation
of the sliding concept.

The engine of this evolution is a new concept of the opening system: a fluid and functional movement for the doors, and a design movement with the arrival of the PCR finish. GeoLuxe is the sliding closet with a minimal and innovative design, with wide design possibilities and integration with all new collections thanks to its flexibility, versatility and new materials and finishes.

-Endless design

The flexibility and versatility of the Brera 3415 system allow you to furnish any type of interior. With the Rid-T finish, you can run your fingers along pure elegance. Brera 3415 – “Endless design”: the must-have of furnishings by Erba.

Brera 3415

-A new way to design

“A new way to design” is possible thanks to the continuous search for customised finishes and solutions. The Cabina system interpreted by Erba sees a transformation where metallic-effect Metal finish steps onto the scene. The winning combination is in the wonderful pairing of the Metal finish to our current finishes.


-Where design is

A fresh breeze sweeps over the Erba collection with wonderfully sensory finishes, and the Cover system is the highest expression of “Where design is”. The cement-effect of the Wall finish allows each piece of furniture to be added in complete harmony with the urban environment or interior that surrounds us. In this way, the sleeping area becomes a perennial journey between dreams and design.


-Refined design

The Lineauno system offers unlimited design possibilities and the new Rid-C finish highlights and enhances this wonderful versatility. Linear and elegant, it offers the possibility of designing functional furnishings with a new look, whose purpose is to evoke their refinement and sophistication. “Refined design” is the new communicative manifesto that we present at the Milan Furniture Fair - Salone del Mobile - 2023.


-It’s always time for design

The Laundry system is perfect for furnishing the most technical spaces of the house, which are not only practical and functional, but part of the aesthetics in everyday life. “It's always time for design”, and so it will be in everyday life with the new finish proposed: Street. The alternation of parallel and non-parallel lines tells us that in every time and space the need for design is necessary and with Erba’s proposals, this all becomes possible.


-Design payoff

As a real payoff, Isola not only furnishes any environment but also completes it. Isola does so in a determined and direct way, thanks to the new Rid-M finish. With the marble effect and the decisive lines, the Isola system takes centre stage in every interior: Isola - "Design payoff".

Sistema Isola